June Monthly Horoscope for Libra

The first part of the month brings you experiences related to long distance journeys. You broaden your horizons through readings, lectures and debates. Meanwhile Mercury retrograde urges you to withdraw and analyze what has happened so far in your life. After June 2, you start interacting more with managers and important people. As you take on new responsibilities, your public image becomes a priority.

The New Moon of June 10 triggers something new in your philosophy of life. You're setting new directions and embark on new adventures. Around June 15, it's good to consider shared material resources: how much money do you get from your closest partners and what personal pleasures do you support with it? After June 20 it is possible to return to an older work project, seen from a different perspective.

Starting the summer solstice, career events intensify in your life. Getting yourself actively involved in community issues would be a good idea. You can become more popular and gain respect if you show kindness and sensitivity to social problems. From June 23 on you think more clearly and communicate easily. After June 27 Venus in Leo brings you close to large groups of friends. Together you can start new exciting projects.

Cristiana T─ânase

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