February Monthly Horoscope for Libra

From February 3 onwards, you communicate better with your co-workers, most of the time with your eyes and with the help of gestures. After February 7, you interact at a different level with your life/business partner, too, but your relationship remains quite volatile. Starting with February 16, the atmosphere at home is dynamic but also tense at the same time.

After February 17, you may no longer communicate as effectively with your colleagues at work as you did before. On or around February 21, your mood improves, but not enough for you to feel like yourself. You still have problems managing large groups of people. On or around February 23, some contradictory discussions on domestic issues between you and your loved one may take place.

On or around February 25, your interactions with your co-workers change for the better, but the way you perform, especially in group activities, is still not up to par. On or around February 28, tense situations between you and your loved one may re-emerge. You probably have not fully resolved prior family conflicts or you have not tackled them at all.

Anca Simina Martin

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