June Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn

The first part of the month brings you many work-related events. Rewriting, corrections, analyses, clarifications are required. After June 2 you receive more help from others. You pay more attention to your connections and seek to relate to sensitive, protective people. Around June 5 it is good for you to make an extra effort in order to stay alert and present. The New Moon on June 10 might bring new projects at work.

After June 11, Mars in Leo challenges radical honesty in relationships. You might be dealing with taboos and uncomfortable emotions. Privacy is important, but it can also trigger some ego outbursts. Other people’s money or joint resources may become the center of these confrontations. Around June 15 your desires could meet money constraints. AstroFidelia recommends thrift and patience in financial matters.

After June 20, you might feel the gentle touch of artistic inspiration. Life is seen in a new light as you notice subtle nuances of grace and beauty. The Sun's entrance in Cancer is turning your attention to relationships. The universe of others concerns you and requires various acts of unselfish cooperation. From June 23 on you can focus more easily at work and communicate better with your colleagues. Starting June 27, Venus in Leo brings you deep emotional connections with your dear ones.

Cristiana Tănase

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