December Monthly Horoscope for Capricorn

From December 2 onwards, Jupiter moves through the sign of your birth, which means that you will not lack self-confidence and charm in the next period. After December 9, try not to get stuck in outdated and limiting thinking patterns. On or around December 11, you overflow with charisma. On or around December 13, there is an good time for negotiations and activities concerning projects.

On or around December 15, you are extremely popular and you will have no shortage of admirers. On or around 20, do not lend an ear at what people say. From this time on, there are more opportunities to round off your budget and/ or invest some of the savings you have made. On or around December 22, however, do not ivest large sums in projects that do not belong to you.

From December 29 onwards, you have even more self-confidence, and the charisma and charm are not lacking, which means that you will make a good impression wherever you are. On or around December 30, you are in a perfect state of mind, which means that New Year’s Eve will find you self-confident and ready to take on 2020. Many opportunities are on the card for you.

Anca Simina Martin

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