June Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio

For you June starts by investigating hidden information and complex emotions. You're carefully observing the psychology of others. Various situations involving shared material resources come to the fore. Around June 5, someone close to you can misinterpret your words. Meanwhile, from June 2 on, you start looking at the big picture and synthesize details. You may also meet some wise people who can become your spiritual guides.

The New Moon on June 10 triggers deep emotional transformations in you. After June 11 Mars in Leo impels bold career intiatives. You take on new responsibilities and fight from a leadership position. Around June 15 an important relationship can take you out of your comfort zone and stir up radical changes. From this position you can be a model of integrity, resilience and wisdom for others.

After June 21, AstroFidelia recommends planning more trips to unknown places. You need the feeling of adventure. You're broadening your horizons by going far or accessing new information. From June 23 on, communication between with dear ones comes back to normal. Starting June 27, Venus in Leo brings many interactions with managers and other authority figures. It's time to stand out and make yourself noticed.

Cristiana T─ânase

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When Jupiter is retrograde, there's a fair chance that the things you once loved to do won't give you as much pleasure as they used to. It marks a time of turning inward for expansion and awareness. You can consult the Planetary Retrograde Calendar here.

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