February Monthly Horoscope for Taurus

From February 3, you pay more attention to the projects in which you are involved and future plans. There is the possibility of obtaining financing or discovering people interested in joining your business idea. After February 7, a former partner may appear or you start a relationship you want to keep away from preying eyes. From February 16 onwards, you manage to motivate yourself more easily than usual.

After February 17, some plans may not work out as you expected or you may realize that some friends are not as you initially thought them to be. On or around February 21, you have a good mood. On or around February 23, your mood may change and not for the better. You are preoccupied with unanswered or persistent questions in a non-productive, obsessive way.

On or around February 25, future plans gradually reposition themselves on an upward trajectory. On or around February 28, you may not be full of vim and vigour as you usually are, a sign that you must do something actively about it. Give yourself some time to think about what has gone wrong and try to find solutions to improve your spirits. Otherwise, you won’t lose this mood.

Anca Simina Martin

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When Saturn is retrograde, it's recommended that you take a step back, wait a moment, analyze your circumstances, draw conclusions and plan your next move. But don't take any action right away! Have a little patience! You can consult the Planetary Retrograde Calendar here.

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