December Monthly Horoscope for Taurus

On December 2, Jupiter’s entry into Capricorn begins a period in which you can accumulate more life and/ or professional experience. From December 9 onwards, you are discussing the propect of investing some of your collective resources with business partners, collaborators, and clients. On or around December 11, positive suprises await long-distance relationships.

On or around December 13, it is a good time to conduct negotiations in order to establish partnerships or collaborations. On or around December 15, you may get a qualification from a course or go on an important business trip. From December 20 onwards, there is a period where you get along better than usual with your superiors and your opinions are more readily accepted.

On or around December 22, there is a risk that your relationship with your bosses will deteriorate to some extent. From December 29 onward, it’s a good time to go on vacation. On or around December 30, you may be in the best state of mind of this month, a sign that you are in a festive mood and ready to enjoy the end of the year. Now is the time to make your resolutions for 2020.

Anca Simina Martin

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When the Moon transits through the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), it's recommended that you focus on the household chores you've already begun. It's important that you follow your schedule and take them one at a time.

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