December Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius

From December 2 onwards, when Jupiter’s entry into Capricorn takes place, the chances of winning increase through opportunities to supplement your income and/ or capitalize on savings through investments. From December 9 onwards, you are more self-confident. On or around December 11, you may add large extra sums to your budget. On or around December 13, you’re good with money.

Also then, you are in a very good mood. On or around December 15, you may earn some extra money from extraprofessional activities or commissions. From December 20 onwards, you communicate extremely well with others, adapting successfully to your interlocutors. Moreover, your spirits are still high. On or around December 22, do not get involved in intrigues and do not gossip.

From December 29 onwards, you may learn about tips on how to increase your chances of cashing in even more. On or around December 30, the natives of this sign who work may qualify for a bonus, especially if other work colleagues have chosen to go on holiday. Or maybe you make profit by doing something extraprofessionally. Money isn’t a problem on your New Year’s Eve.

Anca Simina Martin

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