June Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius

Relationships ask for your attention right from the beginning of the month. Many people want to get in touch with you as you have a lot to communicate. At the same time Mercury retrograde makes you meditate more on all these incoming and outgoing messages. After June 2, you start focusing on your closest partnerships. If you are very honest with each other, you can create deeply intimacy and highly charged emotional moments.

At the New Moon on June 10, you could start a new relationship. You're surrounded by people, and among them you can find many friends. After June 11, Mars in Leo stirs you up for travel and adventure. You defend your beliefs more ardently and you can get into various debates on morality. Around June 15, you analyze the extent to which recent undertaken studies help you progress at work.

After June 20, Jupiter retrograde makes you see things from an unusual perspective and meditate on your spiritual values. Someone in your family can become your wise guide. The Sun's ingress in Cancer brings to light some taboos in close relationships. You confront your fears, anxieties, wounds and turn them into inner strength. After June 27, Venus in Leo invites funny and interesting strangers in your life.

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