April Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius

On or around April 3, some misunderstandings can arise between you and some members of your family. From the same date onward, you get along with your life and/or business partner better, and if you are a bachelor(ette), chances are you meet someone special. On or around April 4, the likelihood of new partnerships or collaborations increases, but keep an eye on your expenses.

On or around April 7, the risk of obstacles and challenges in the work department is announced. Starting April 11, you get along better with your partner and/or children, and if you haven’t found the right man/woman for you, there may be more opportunities for flirting. On or around April 25, stay away from unnecessary expenses. Avoid them on April 26, too, but keep in mind that problems can also occur at work.

From April 27 onward, you get along better with your co-workers and you show increased efficiency. On or around April 28, however, problems occur at work, and some of them may involve some of your workmates. On or around April 30, things may escalate again at work, a sign that there is a risk of obstacles and challenges at this level again.

Anca Simina Martin

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