March Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius

During or around March 3, you may hear some bad news or there’s gossip about you and/or someone you love being spread around your community. From March 4 onwards, the way in which you express yourself may give rise to some misunderstandings. After March 5, you enjoy harmony and tranquility in the family department. On or around March 8, investments in your home are favored.

From March 10 onwards, you express yourself effectively, without giving rise to potential confusions. But on or around March 20, you may face some fears or frustrations. From March 22 onwards, your center of interest should be your own person and your self-development journey. On or around March 23, you may be re-experiencing some fears or things you have not solved in the past.

On or around March 28, you enjoy peace of mind when you’re with your loved ones and it is all the more visible if you’ve been through difficult times together recently. From March 30 onwards, you show assertiveness and emanate self-confidence through your every pore. On or around March 31, you are very proactive in your approach, but to some people you may come across as intrusive.

Anca Simina Martin

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