June Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius

Although during the first part of the month opportunities for having fun are waiting just in front of you, starting June 2 you also need to focus on work. Relationships with co-workers and various daily tasks come to the fore. Around June 5 it is good to think twice before making a purchase. The New Moon on June 10 can bring a new situation in your relationships with children or a new opportunity to fall in love. Book time for pleasures and hobbies too!

After June 11, Mars in Leo energizes your partnerships. Confrontations with self-centred people can occur, but you should also expect beautiful love experiences, lived with passion and joy. Around June 15, you need to concentrate your energy and to cope with some willpower issues. What you start in this period may require patience and effort, but it is dictated from the depths of your being. You're going through important metamorphoses.

The Sun's ingress in Cancer directs your energy towards professional accomplishments. You have the chance to develop your skills, encounter new situations that keep you busy and help you become more efficient. From June 23 on you think more clearly and organize your time and energy better. After June 27 Venus in Leo prepares the ground for interesting events in relationships.

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