October Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius

From October 2, you forge partnerships with common financial interests more easily than usual. During or around October 7, however, you find it harder to divide your time between your family and career life. During or around October 9, some words or gestures may bother you more than usual, or you may receive some bad news. During or around October 10, however, you communicate well, especially with your life partner.

During or around October 12, opportunities to increase your income levels and/or capitalize on savings through investments may arise from out of nowhere. From October 12 onwards, however, you have a hard time communicating with your superiors. During or around October 18, curb your expenses. In addition, some unexpected payments may occur. During or around October 19, you are more sensitive than usual to words, gestures, or bad news.

On the other hand, you communicate bettwe with others, but especially with your loved one. During or around October 20, you find it harder to split your time between your family life and career. During or around October 21 and 24, you get along well with those around you, but especially with your partner. From October 28 onwards, travels are not recommended, but bachelors(ettes) may meet someone interesting of another religion and/or nationality.

Anca Simina Martin

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